Why Bali Summer.

Bali Summer is a garment manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia. We are a group of passionate Balinese sharing our love. As Balinese, we are part of Bali’s daily life, we are aware of how gorgeous Indonesia is. We are here to provide lower prices and MOQs, whilst upholding high-quality products on a global scale. Our priority is to maintain communication and client security throughout the production process whilst responding to all inquiries in a timely manner. Our team has years of experience working in the manufacturing industry; thus we are well equipped to build your dream brand/line with you.

Bali Summer Mission.

Bali Summer digs deeper to find the best partner, with them to create beautiful fashion. We have skilled locals in managing brand consulting for new entrepreneurs around the globe. Either ready to export our products internationally, besides legal and fair trade. Our products are very carefully handpicked and closely inspected by qualified staff and delivered to you in one piece. This legal garment manufacturer supports global sales and arranges collection services for your quality assurance.

Bali Summer Vision.

Bali Summer is concern to the earth situation at the moment – one of our important mission is to make all process eco-friendly and zero waste. Due to the fabric is residue and can not be recycled, eco friendly is still in progress, one of our effort is use sustainable and other material as much as possible and keep doing our best to keep our earth safe. For the zero waste effort of Bali Summer, we give the fabric waste to the collectors of cloth to be used to make other goods such as rags used in vehicle workshops and other things.
The aim is to provide a high-quality product with a beautiful story, hand-made in Bali with eco-friendly clothing material gives you fashion and at the same time good for the earth.

Our Team

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