Due to huge determination of the ethical and sustainable swimwear manufacturer, our focuses at the moment is approaching, sourcing, manufacturing, designing garments, maximising the benefits to industrial as well as the local society, at the same time minimising the impacts on the environment.

The sustainable is concerning on several things. They are not only focuses on materials, or what materials are made and used. It is also concerning whether the materials are recycled and re used and how to apply the waste ends.

While Ethicals is about where the garment is value. For example how workers are paid and fair trade standards. Workers are treated, and how hours and overtime are applied and calculated. We care about life balance for get health worker

It is also on how to support the local communities at the same time for the charities.

The most important for ethical and sustainable manufacturer are following the standardisation of econyl materials. How to proceed post-production and how to treated who is behind the manufacturing.

We have done in doing activities with all crews. Having lunch together every Friday and Futsal every Thursday. We also work together with local communities cleaning the beaches that pointed out by the ‘malu dong’ organisation.

Also in creating the accessories as natural as possible such as cassava bag, hangtag using natural paper, introductory pack using natural paper, zipper bag in biodegradable, and many more on its way.



As a fast-growing company that officially registered as a manufacturer with fair trade practices where everything is legally processed, proper shipping documentation is a must.

Furthermore, we are leveling up and improving our knowledge by joining for every socialising and or training regularly with the Ministry of Trade Indonesia, Customs and Excise, and all courier companies.


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