PT. Bali Summer Indonesia is registered and supported by DHL and FedEx to make shipments provided with a Certificate of Origin (COO) based on the destination as your shipping information. We will do our excellent service to give the best rate to all Bali Summer partners.

The process of from ready order to received on hands :

  1. Sample/Bulk order ready
  2. Received confirmation balance payment
  3. Prepare and commercial invoice approval and packing list details by client
  4. Certificate of Origin processing
  5. Airway Bill booking
  6. Pick up by a courier
  7. Shipping lead time will be around 3 – 4 workdays (depends on each custom process in each country)
  8. Package received on hands

If you plan to start your business, there might be few uncommon things regarding shipping information you may want to know.

  1. A document widely used in international trade transactions attests that the product listed therein has met certain criteria to be considered as originating in a particular country.
  2. Commercial Invoice and Packing List :
    A list used by shipper/manufacturer to prepare the Certificate of Origin. It discloses the amount paid by a client. Detailed information regarding the address of both parties details of packaging, weight and etc. These documents will be attach with the Certificate of Origin and Airway Bill into the package.
  3. Airway Bill
    It contains all information about the package. Accordingly a barcode and the specified digit number used to track your shipment on its journey. Once the manufacturer has completed the online booking for the shipment, you will receive notification by email or text messages (depends on each courier system).