Swimwear is our first and main product range we proudly created and designed in Bali as the foundation of why we started Bali Summer. We offer both Private and Custom Label services. Meanwhile, you are free to plan and customize your designs through Custom Label service, Private Label design collection consists of 7 sets of one piece and 17 bikini sets (17 tops and 17 bottoms – possible to mix and match) that are ready to choose and available in 4 types of bum coverage: Full, Regular, Cheeky, and Thong. For a complete guide and detailed information, please download our E-Catalogue in the box below.

As Bali Summer is here to help start-ups like you to start from scratch, we provide not only the designs but also complemented by labeling and packaging options, accessories, to a huge range of swimwear fabric selections. Worry not. If you still need more information regarding this product range or any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team here.

Bali Summer E-Catalogue 2023 !

Our Favorite Designs