Private Label

1. Target Market

Never get tired of research. It is important to get your hands on the most popular or on-trend styles, fabrics, and colors. Not to mention, the awareness of body types and diversity of your target market.

2. Choose Your Products

Once you understand your target market, start choosing your styles, fabric, and color options.

3. Sample Stage

Whether this is your first time or not, the sample stage is always highly recommended as you will be able to check the product styles, quality, fabric colors and textures by yourself before ordering in bulk.

4. Introductory Pack

If your budget is limited and Sample Stage is not a choice for you, then you can order our Introductory Pack which has a compiled information of our fabric options and product sample. Therefore, you will be able to choose your fabric options and styles without ordering any sample.

5. Plan Your Collection & Budgeting

Choose your styles, fabrics, colors, and budgeting. If you want to include accessories, do prepare the design and details before you proceed to Bulk Order Confirmation.

6. Production Timeline

Once everything is decided, you will go through Sample Stage, or buy our Introductory Package, or to Bulk Production directly. Please make sure you are aware of the process timeline for each stage. Each stage always have a timeline, whether it is directly to proceed or in a queue. Please be mindful and add extra time in every deadline as in manufacturing process we might face unpredictable events that occur during the process.

7. Marketing Plan

Plan, set up or strengthen your marketing plan, such as: Photoshoot, content creation, online ads, or campaign.

8. Stay in The Loop

Our team will contact you regularly during the production process until the shipping process.

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